VMWare vFabric tc Server installation on Ubuntu

Here is a post about the installation and configuration of the VMWare vFabric custom Tomcat server (tc server) on Ubuntu.


First, you’ll need to get one of the following package on the VMWare website :

VMWare vFabric tc Server – Normal Edition

VMWare vFabric tc Server – Developer Edition

You will have to register an account on the VMWare website in order to download any of these packages.

The developer edition of the tc server comes along with the Spring Insight application, which allows you to monitor applications hosted on your tc server.

For more information about Spring Insight : Spring Insight Developer


Once the download finished, you need to extract the archive:

tar xvf tc-server-archive.tar.gz

Optional: after the archive has been extracted, you can put the extracted folder wherever you want:

sudo mkdir -p /opt/vmware/; sudo mv tc-server-folder $_


Now, let’s create a vmware group and a tcserver user.

This command line will create the vmware group:

sudo groupadd vmware

These two lines will create the tcserver user with no home directory created and no possibility to login with on the system and assign him to the vmware group:

sudo useradd tcserver -M -s /bin/false
sudo adduser tcserver vmware

Next step, we’ll need to create the tc-server folder.

sudo mkdir /usr/local/tc-server
sudo chown tcserver:vmware /usr/local/tc-server


Now that our system is configured and ready, we can deploy a tc-server.

These lines will deploy a new tc-server instance called tc-inst-01 inside the folder /usr/local/tc-server using the template “insight”.

sudo /opt/vmware/tc-server-folder/tcruntime-instance.sh create -i /usr/local/tc-server -t insight --interactive tc-inst-01

Now that the instance is deployed, you can start it via :

sudo /usr/local/tc-server/tc-inst-01/bin/tcruntime-ctl start

Copy a WAR file inside the /usr/local/tc-server/tc-inst-01/webapps folder to deploy a web application.


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